Walk Now for Autism Speaks, Los Angeles

ASHello Members and Friends who have donated to our Walk Now for Autism Speaks, Los Angeles CA walk.  First of all thank you for all your time and donations, we appreciate everyone’s help in donating to this great cause. Some notes are as follows:


We also accept charitable donations via:

  1. In person donation at the park.  Follow us on Facebook to find dates, times and locations where we are in the park.
  2. Via Paypal at: sonsofanakinsc@gmail.com  (NOTE: Please click the box that says donating to family or friend – otherwise the account will be charged a processing fee).
If you would like to walk with the Sons of Anakin Social Club at the event please contact Eddy Guerrero at eddy@sonsofanakinsc.com to arrange a place to meet.
Thank you for all your support.

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